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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall... Which of You is the Most Stylish of Them All?

One of my favorite paintings growing up was The Arnolfini Portrait by Dutch painter Jan van Eyck (1434, oil on panel). What makes this piece particularly cool is the convex mirror at the focal point, like a painting within a painting. Can you see it?

Let me zoom in...

It depicts two figures facing the couple and it’s sort of a mystery exactly who they are. Is it the artist, van Eyck? Witnesses to a marriage oath (as some say)? Random rich dudes in cloaks?? The world may never know!

What I do know is that mirrors do so much for your space! They’re stunning, versatile, and convex mirrors especially are making a comeback in interior design right now.

So in the spirit of van Eyck’s cool and slightly creepy mirror mystery, let’s look at some mirrors!

Mirror Styles We Love to Get Our Hands On

Federal Mirrors are also so cool and I'm sort of dying to get some of these in some spaces soon. I love this powder room by Ken Fulk.

You can have so much fun with mirrors. Even if one looks a little odd when you first find it, you just never know how it might be the unexpected star of your a space, like the selection of this porcupine quill mirror by 22 Interiors.

Did you know you can customize your mirrors? You can have a contractor cut the mirrors to size or shape for you. I’m a big fan of circles and pill shaped mirrors.

Copper mirrors are also on my list of faves. They add a dimension of color and warmth to a space, plus a quick dash of cool.

Tip: Go BIG with mirrors. An oversized mirror makes a dramatic impact.

Another fun trick is antiquing mirrors yourself if you’re up for a DIY project!

I love this oversized antique version in an entry space by Dawn Reeves Design. It creates a stunning first impression — plus, you can give your ensemble a quick thumbs up before heading out the door! ;)

Hope you all had an awesome holiday season!! They were a fun whirlwind for us and now I am ready to put my feet up next to a fire, drink some tea, and look at through the design books I got for Christmas.

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