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Susie’s Decor & Tabletop Picks for a Beautiful Easter

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the springtime. Sure, Oakland is a sunny place where season changes aren’t as drastic for us, but I still get a thrill from subtly rising temperatures, a good ol’ spring cleaning, and preparing to entertain for Easter!

In that spirit, I created this Pinterest board to help you set a delightful and impressive table this Easter. 

Whether you’re hosting or not (and whether we notice spring’s arrival or not), you can still use any combination of these pieces and tips below to capture that fresh and rejuvenating spring feeling!

Pro Tip: The turquoise or pink plates (shown above) will pop beautifully against a subdued neutral tone, like these grasscloth placemats!

Pro Tip: Tortoise shell pairs beautifully with pastels and floral prints.

Pro Tip: Colanders aren’t just for rinsing anymore! Use these cute minis around your table and entertaining spaces as colorful and creative fruit or bread baskets. The best part? This soft sage hue is in this year, so you won’t have to hide it when Easter’s over.

Pro Tip: These adorable place card holders can also be used as little picture frames!

A Mother’s Tip: Since kids LOVE seeing their names at their seats, these place cards double as simple but surefire entertainment… even when used to play “musical chairs.”

Pro Tip: Don’t overfill your vases. Leaving a bit of negative space lets the beauty of the vases shine along with their contents.

Pro Tip: These traditional stone eggs are perfect as a centerpiece or placed in bowls to add color and texture throughout your home. I just can’t get enough of them this time of year.

For more springtime finds and trends, keep an eye on my Pinterest boards!