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Top Design Trends from Las Vegas Market 2018


As always, Las Vegas Market was a blast to attend. The next best part... getting to share my discoveries with you!

If you haven’t heard of it, Las Vegas Market is a weeklong showcase of the latest in furniture and home decor, and definitely worth a trip if you’re in the trade. Not a designer or shop owner? No need to fret; I've got you covered with some of the greatest moments listed here. This year, in addition to beautiful pieces, several design elements continued to pop up throughout the market — the very definition of a trend.

I’ve assembled these finds here, along with some photos to inspire you. Be sure to tell us which styles you like and love!

1 / Comfort becomes as important as beauty.  Furniture takes on a relaxed vibe without losing its elegance and appeal.


2 / Soft is in!  Hygge, the Danish obsession with coziness, has hit the States in layers of soft shearling, lamb fur, and snuggle-worthy cashmere. Mmm :) 

susie-novak-interiors-design-las-vegas-market-trends 2.jpg

3 / Plants and nature-inspired design are everywhere, from vases and decor to sea glass tones and textures.


4 / Wood is minimally treated. The beautiful, natural quality of wood makes a statement all of its own.


5 / Metallics are in and they’re versatile: brass, oil-rubbed bronze, pewter, and more. Mix them with other metals, mix them with wood... everything goes!


6 / Hanging mirrors are still a Go, in addition to being a great way to incorporate metals and make your space appear bigger!


7 / The big one... this last trend is actually the feeling created by the others, like soft materials, relaxed comfort, and nature-inspired design. It’s the overall feeling we took away from the market:


That’s right. Warmth and soul are finding their way into interior design, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. After all, you’re living in your home, not just looking at it!

Coming soon: Easter-inspired decor ideas. If you're the designated Easter Sunday hostess this year, our top picks will make it easy for you to impress!