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Just because your master bathroom is small doesn't mean it needs to be cramped, dark, or just kind of lame. This bathroom is on the small side and needed some opening up, brightening up, and supping up and here's how we did it....

First we redesigned the space by taking out those walls and moving the light sources to accentuate the natural light and add soft glowing light throughout the space. Secondly we selected finishes like a blue-green tile, light porcelain flooring, and off-white cabinets. Another key element in recreating this space was gutting the dated tub and creating a stunning open shower with glass panel. 

One of the key points in this renovation was the window in the shower. This was tricky as this particular window is front and center of this Cape Cod style home so going with a vinyl window was really not an option when all the other windows on the home are wood. We ordered a custom wood window that opens from the top so you can get fresh air and still have privacy. We also painted it with Aura Bath and Spa paint by Benjamin Moore which has resin in the paint so you’re basically coating the window with plastic; in this case you don’t need to worry about the wood rotting and window some day failing. 

This bathroom feels like a spa when you walk in. The travertine countertops evoke the beach and the shower tiles create a watery effect. The lighting is warm and soothing. See below for fixture and finish details for some ideas to bring into your own home!